Windows and Doors

Along The Eure Chartres
Along The Eure, Chartres

27″ x 23″     Sold

Sunny Corner Giverny Cafe
Sunny Corner, Giverny Cafe

36” x 30”     Sold

Monte Santa Maria Tiberina
Monte Santa Maria Tiberina

24” x 20”     $350

Morning Vigil Provence
Morning Vigil, Provence (pastel)

13” x 18”     $350

Through a Window Brightly
Through a Window Brightly

36” x 48”     Sold

When I am old I shall wear purple
“When I am old I shall wear purple”

(from a poem by Jenny Joseph)

24″ x 33″     $500

Arches in the Spotlight San Miguel de Allende
Arches in the Spotlight, San Miguel de Allende

30″ x 24″     Sold

welcome light
Welcome Light

22″ x27″     Sold

Sea Breezes Downeast
Sea Breezes Downeast

22″ x 27″     $350

october at the pi phi house
October at the Pi Phi House

30″ x 36″     Sold

Blue Door St Remy
Blue Door, St Remy

48″ x 30″     Sold

Commissions of your favorite scenes welcome.